A spoonful of interesting case studies ٭

Leading Ambitious Teams
at Shop
An overview of my time at Shop — Shopify's first consumer-facing app with big ambitions and an equally ambitious team.
Leadership Strategy
The New Blinkist:
Redefining Value
A strategic initiative to redefine central value propositions and better understand customer needs in a quickly evolving product
Strategic design Leadership
The Audiobook Evolution
How the Design team worked together to pull off one incredibly ambitious and ambiguous strategic bet
Leadership Strategy Design facilitation
Driving Design Impact through Intentionality
A process to re-evaluate the role of Design in a shifting organisation, identifying new ways to increase impact and deliver even more value
Strategy Leadership
Future-Proofing Experiences
Reimagining a delightful and seamless product, designed to scale for years to come
Product Design Research
A Fresh Look for Bite-Sized Learning
Introducing a new and exciting art direction to take a burgeoning product to new heights
Art Direction Visual Design
Going Beyond Visual Design
Utilising a broad range of skills to design better solutions for consumers —  and to improve team collaboration
Product Design Visual Design Design Systems
Uplifts and facelifts at GYG
Designing experiences that convert and creating a more modern, inspirational visual design for excited travellers
Product Design Growth Design Visual Design