Going Beyond Visual Design

Role / Visual Designer | Responsibilities / Product design, visual design, frontend development
I worked on Nokia’s HERE maps platform from 2014-2015. HERE was a Google Maps competitor available on web and mobile. Although my title at Nokia was Visual Designer, I went beyond that title by drawing on my preexisting skills in product design, UX and frontend development to solve problems more effectively.
HERE maps - example web view
During my time in HERE's web division, I tackled new and existing features. My existing experience beyond visual design allowed me to create better design solutions.
My work included a feature allowing commuters to save their usual their usual journeys, enabling them to quickly check what traffic would be like before a trip and a Facebook events integration for HERE Maps.
Example of journey detail on map
In 2015, designers at HERE worked primarily in Photoshop and exported redlined files to share specifications with engineers. I saw inefficiencies in this way of working for design and engineering and sought a way to improve it.

I kicked off a side-project to introduce the first MVP design system to HERE web — an interactive style-guide that I coded in HTML & CSS.
The proto-design system was something engineers in my squad used and found valuable. It helped bridge a gap between design and development and saw that our components were mindful of design details and interaction states

Despite working on various projects during my 7-month stint (I left to take on a new role), this is still one of the things I'm most proud of.
Example screens of styleguide