Temi has never been great at talking in the third person ٭

I'm a UX Manager at Shopify for Shop.app working across two product areas, which consist of several cross-functional teams.

My focus at Shop is on leading and developing a wonderful group of designers and working within leadership groups for both areas.

We're responsible for strategy, scaling our teams and ensuring a great product experience.

I'm currently based in Berlin. Occasionally at the park and always on the hunt for plantains. And sweets.
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Collaboration in all directions
Giving trust
Prior to Shopify, I was Director of Design at Blinkist, where I took the design team from 0 to 14. I established 3 teams within Design: Product Design, Visual Communication and Research and lead the managers of those teams.

I also established the standards and processes that created a supportive culture and a high standard of design excellence and quality. Over the course of my tenure, I saw the business hit its first 1M users and scale that to more than ten-fold.

As my career has evolved, the types of challenges that I solve have evolved with it. The depth and scale of these challenges are often more abstract, complex and ambiguous touching not only design but people, business and culture.  

The constant thread is my passion for fundamentally understanding the why behind these varied and multifaceted problems and finding thoughtful ways to solve for them.

Despite being a bona fide introvert, I enjoy public speaking. I've given talks about a range of things, like strengthening your intuition with data and finding your voice as a leader. I occasionally write about design and leadership, too.


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