Uplifts and Facelifts at GYG

Role / Product Designer | Responsibilities / Product design, visual Design
My time at GYG introduced me to growth design and understanding how to design for conversion. This was an experience that I’ve built upon throughout the years and has proven to be valuable for me as a designer and as a design leader now having led multiple growth/conversion focussed teams.
Example header for GYG web page
I joined GetYourGuide in 2013, starting off on the conversion team and later, on the search and discovery team. I worked on several key projects, most notably the booking and checkout flow, product details page and later search results.

A notable highlight during my time here was designing and rolling out an ambitious re-design for the booking experience. From the product details page (one of the most visited pages) through to the checkout flow.
I incorporated learnings and best practices from the Baymard Institute to make this design more informed and prototyped various concepts directions for usability testing.

Once rolled out, this re-design saw a significant uplift in customers adding bookings to cart (+16%) and provided additional learnings for our team.
GYG product detail page and booking flow
In addition to product design, I took on the initiative to evolve GYG's art direction forward on its web product. The company had recently rebranded yet later introduced then outdated visual components (think bezel buttons, harsh drop shadows...). The site was seriously in need of a visual facelift.

I advocated for refreshing the site's visual look in service of GYG feeling like a more modern, inspirational and trustworthy way to travel.
The direction utilised GYG's custom photography, bolder type and a more lively colour palette. I updated our style-guides and design components with this refreshed look and feel. After buy-in from product leadership and engineering, these updates were rolled out on web.

Many elements of this update were still utilised by GYG until it rebranded again, by then already a few years after my departure.
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